Accessory Spotter: BassDOCK Speaker Dock for iPad, iPad 2 and new iPad



Product Description:

bassDOCK makes the whole room come alive. This adjustable speaker dock rotates for both horizontal and vertical viewing angles. Charge your device while you listen to music, watch movies and more.

This is the BassDOCK speaker dock for iPad, iPad 2 and the new iPad. It’s a great setup to have in your master bedroom or kitchen.  In our case at least, as it’s where we use the iPad most frequently and love having access to speakers and a charging station whether we are cooking, or lounging around in bed.

The dock also works for iPhone, thanks to the standard 30-pin connector. That said, why buy an alarm clock for the bedroom when you can just put this in your room and prop your iOS device up on it.  Oh, and it rotates. Nice.



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