Accessory Spotter: iFrogz Boost Near-Field Audio Speaker (Review)





Need to amp the volume on your device? The iFrogz Boost NearField Audio™ speaker is the simplest solution ever. Just put nearly any smartphone or digital media device on top of the Boost with the external speakers playing and the Boost amplifies the sound. It just works. No wires. No Bluetooth. No Synching. No problem. An auxiliary line-in jack is provided for devices without external speakers.

We’ve dubbed this the little box that can. Really, we were a bit skeptical of this before we tested it out. It’s by iFrogz, they make a wide range of iPhone cases and accessories. This one is a cool little speaker that you simply pop your iPhone onto. What’s particularly nice about it is that there are no wires or configuration—tt’s simple.

All you have to do is pop in two AA batteries, and put your iPhone on top and the Boost will amplify the sound. However, it does have a mini USB port if you’d like to keep it powered, and an audio jack if you’d rather use it the traditional way. You know, with wires. Of course we prefer to go wireless. It’s just a lot cooler.

What’s cool is that it works with almost any smartphone or media device, so it doesn’t have to be an iPhone if you don’t want it to.

We looked at how it may work, because we weren’t entirely sure. IT seems that it does something by picking up frequency vibrations from your device’s speaker and translates that into an electrical signal and back to audio. Basically, it’s the same thing that speakers do, but somewhat reversed.

The only real drawback is that compared to Bluetooth, which lets you place the device just about anywhere within range of the Bluetooth antenna, you will have to put your device right on top of the box.

In any case, we loved it.

You can check it out here. It’s interesting to see a device that amplifies our sound without the need for wires.

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