Accessory Spotter: Kanex AirBlue Bluetooth Receiver



Product Description:

The Kanex AirBlue  is a portable Bluetooth-based music receiver that simply enables you to wirelessly play, listen and control all your favorite media from your iPod touch, iPhone or MP3 player through your home stereo or speakers.

Simply connect the receiver to your home stereo system with the included cables, and then pair your device to the AirBlue. Stream wirelessly to listen to, share, and control your music from up to 33 feet away. The AirBlue receiver uses Bluetooth v2.1 with EDR to provide you with high fidelity and premium sound.

This is the Kanex AirBlue. We receive many products. Some of them get the pass and others get hands-on but we don’t find them to be something we’d recommend to users. However, the Kanex AirBlue caught our attention when we first saw it. It just sounds like a great concept, and we decided it was worth trying out.

It’s a Bluetooth receiver. What’s that mean? Our first thought was the car, which does not have  Bluetooth. You put this baby in and connect it to your car stereo. BAM! Problem solved. You no longer have to plug a jack into your iPhone (or other Bluetooth device for that matter). It’s nice to be able to pump sound wirelessly to your car stereo from your iOS device if you don’t have one of those fancy, modern new Bluetooth setups in your car (that’s most of us for the time being). It was very easy to set up and very easy to work.



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