Accessory Spotter: The Delicious-Looking, Almost Edible Cubit Case from X-Doria (Review)


Product Description:

Cubit’s unique design lets you express your creative side. Our colorful interchangeable TPU cubes let you customize your look while our shatter-proof polycarbonate shell protects your iPhone from scratches. Lightweight yet sturdy, Cubit’s playful design lets you easily access your multi-touch display and all ports and controls.

This is the awesomely-designed Cubit case. We loved the case and the concept. You can pop the little multicolored cubes in and out of the case. It has a bunch of extra cubes for those who want to get extremely creative. Our editor asked his son to play around with the case for a while, and he had lots of fun designing a custom pattern for dad. It’s kind of cool to see that.

The case is pretty light, but it has a good design. It’s colorful and a nice contrast to the typical leather or not-so-colorful cases we tend to see. This one is playful and cute. We liked it, but when it passes the kid test we know it’s truly awesome. Just remember, those little cubes are nice and colorful. They are so bright and colorful that you almost want to eat them. Seriously.

Don’t the little blue ones look yummy?







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