Accessory Spotter: Universal Sport Rugged Pouch (Review)


Universal Rugged Pouch

Product Description:

This Ballistic Sport Rugged Pouch is an amazing way to keep your phone protected. We designed this case to ensure your mobile device is carried in the safest fashion out there; we assure you, you won’t be disappointed!

  • Easy to open and close Velcro
  • Extremely durable belt clip (does not rotate)
  • Tough exterior material
  • Equipped with SOUNDVENT™ – enables you to hear your phone ringing even within the depths of the pouch

Please Note: This pouch fits the phone only

This is the Universal Sport Rugged Pouch. This case is bulletproof. It’s tough as heck. It’s great for folks who can’t carry their iPhone in their pocket. You know, in case you wear skinny jeans or something like that. It’s not made specifically for the iPhone, but that ends up being kind of a plus. Aside from meaning that you can use it with a majority of the handsets out there, it means that it’s slightly larger than the iPhone. This made it very easy to slip in and out of the case. Also very nice is that you can have a slim protective case on the iPhone and still keep it in there with enough space to spare. You will need a clip to make this work. If you don’t mind carrying your iPhone or other smartphone on your hip, this is a good way to go. It offers great protection and more.

One thing we found interesting is the opening that lets sound through. It’s nice for listening to music or allowing you to actually hear the ringer. Overall it helped and the case didn’t muffle our sound much at all. A major plus is the price. It’s currently on clearance for $19.99. That’s less than most cases cost.

You can check it out at Ballistic’s website: Here.





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