Another Supposed iPad 3 Part Leaks — It Has a Home Button

Looks like another iPad 3 part has leaked. At least that’s what the site posting the images claims. RepairLabs says they got digitizer parts for the tablet. It’s the digitizer, which pretty much makes up the front panel. You can see it in the image above.

The most notable thing that everyone has pointed out is that the Home Button will be present. This is despite reoccurring rumors and reports that the iPad 3 would not had a Home Button. Rumors such as these even extended to the previous iPhone model and the iPad 2 before it. Then again, some rumors even said that the Home Button would be larger, or would be touch-based (we hope not in both cases).

Some of the speculation about the iPad 3 not having a Home Button was based on the press invite Apple sent out earlier this week. It showed a finger using an iPad, and from the looks of it, it seemed that the device would not have the iconic button on its front panel.

Giveaways that it is a component different from that of the iPad 2, according to Electronista, is that the connector is different.

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