Apple Patent Application Shows Method for Bringing Siri to Mac

patent application

A recently published patent application shows that Apple may be interested in bringing Siri to the Mac, but not the way we were thinking, at least not yet.

The application is titled “Voice Control System.” The application shows that the iPhone 4S could one day be synced with a Mac for added Siri-powered voice control.

It explains how voice recognition requires a fancy hardware and software setup in order to work correctly, which is why all the work is done on a remote server. This is still how things would happen according to this patent application.

The iPhone 4S would be paired to a Mac and the Siri functionality could be used within OS X.

According to the application, users could “teach” Siri new functions. For instance, a user can press the ‘Play’ button on their Mac while saying “Play.”

[Via AppleInsider]

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