Apple TV Out of Stock at Most Apple Retail Locations

Apple TV - 2G

Reports are surfacing claiming that Apple retail locations are running out of Apple TV stock. This jives with rumors we’ve heard over the past few weeks that Apple may be planning a product refresh for their set-top box.

MacRumors reports, that 98 percent of Apple stores are running out of stock and not replenishing inventory. This may be in anticipation of a new Apple TV (not to be confused with the rumored Apple HDTV set) that will stream content at 1080p.

Apple is expected to reveal the new Apple TV at their iPad 3 (which some have now dubbed the iPad HD) event tomorrow. Perhaps it will receive a short mention, or will feature some awesome iPad integration. Currently, we don’t know what’s going to be revealed other than a next-gen iPad. We do wonder if they will make a short mention of a new Apple TV tomorrow as well.

[Via MacRumors]

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