Apple Updating Their Site to With Retina Display-Optimized Graphics

The New iPad

Apple is already updating portions of their official website to make use of the new iPad’s Retina display. Currently, users will only find that the Apple homepage and the iPad section of the site are the only ones that have double-resoultion graphics. The rest of the site currently remains the same.

Apple Insider was the first to catch the updated graphics after one of their readers informed them of the changes. They noted that Apple seems to be slowly changing the site’s images with double-res versions. Users viewing in HiDPI mode will notice that portions of the site are blurry, while the ones that have been optimized will look sharp.

The images they captured below show the difference between the two image versions:

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(Image credit AppleInsider)

Those wanting to see the graphics for themselves can do the following (Credit to Macotakara):

Safari > Preferences > Advanced 

From there, they can choose Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar

After that, you can right-click on the homepage and select Inspect Element 

Then choose Console and paste the following:

AC.ImageReplacer._devicePixelRatio = 2
new AC.ImageReplacer()

press Return

You will see klass in the Safari developer menu. Now you can close the Inspect Element menu and choose Zoom In under the View option. This will allow you to see a close-up view of the Retina-enabled graphics of the website.

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