Apps Optimized for the New iPad Retina DIsplay

Sky Gamblers Air Supremacy

Sky Gamblers, just one of the many games optimized for the new iPad’s Retina Display

The new iPad is available. With it comes the awesome Retina Display. It shows everything at four times the resolution of the older iPads. It’s something to be seen. Of course, to make use of this, there must be apps that are optimized for the new screen.

Apple has posted a list of great apps that are compatible with the new display.

You can see them below:

Barefoot World Atlus












Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy




Flight Control Rocket


Solar Walk 3D Solar System


Touchgrind BMX


NY Times for iPad


Another Monster at the End of This Book…Staring Grover & Elmo


Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation




SketchBook Pro for iPad


Infinity Blade II




The Daily


Mass Effect Infiltrator


Martha Stewart Cookies


The Early Edition 2


Real Racing 2 HD


Reeder for iPad




Day One


Order & Chaos Online


Instacast HD


MLS MatchDay 2012




iA Writer


Joining Hands



Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD


ABC Player


Star Walk for iPad


Diamond Dash


iStopMotion for iPad


Labyrinth 2 HD


OmniFocus for iPad


Daedalus Touch






Foosball HD


There You Have it

Those apps have been optimized to make use of Apple’s high-resolution Retina display.

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