Australian Regulators Are Not Happy With the New iPad

iPad au

Image credit: Ars

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) is giving Apple a hard time over the new iPad. The current 4G model, they claim, causes confusion because 4G LTE is not available in Australia.

However, it does look as if Apple has a sticker on the box warning that the 4G connection does not work in the region. That’s not enough, it seems, because the tablet is marketed as iPad WiFi+4G. That’s what it says on the box, despite the sticker.

Still, there is nowhere on the box where it claims to work with a 4G connection. In fact, aside from the aforementioned sticker, Ars says that those shopping in Australia are explicitly warned that the LTE antenna does not work in their area and they will be on a 3G connection.

This may not go very far, but let’s see.




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