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CookieCoo for iPad is a very simple rhythm game geared towards a younger audience—think Rock Band for kids between three and seven.

Players will have to select a character (all of them appear to be sweet food items) and a song. The songs are all popular children’s songs such as “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.” Players must then tap onscreen to the rhythm of the music and remain on the beat in order to obtain a high score.

It’s definitely geared towards a younger audience, and it may not be something that caters to older children. The developers may be okay with that as it’s obviously targeting the 3-7 crowd.

The Good

It’s colorful and bright. This will definitely get the attention of younger children. The gameplay is easy to grasp, and consists of songs that most children are already familiar with.


The Bad

It targets a very specific age group, and that group is very narrow. It works for them, but it will probably be too difficult for children younger than three or four and the songs may not appeal to kids who are older than seven.


The Verdict

The game works for who it was intended. We’d suggest trying it if you have a pre-schooler, and want to have some one-on-one time with them. If anything, it’s a fun bonding experience with your child.


You can check out the game below:














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