Cupertino Chamber of Commerce Honors Steve Jobs

 Steve Jobs award

Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs was posthumously honored with the President’s Award by the Cupertino Chamber of Commerce at a recent banquet. Apple spokesperson Michael Foulkes accepted the award.

At the banquet, the video of Steve put together by the City of Cupertino was shown. It featured footage of Jobs presenting at the city council meeting where he proposed the new Apple HQ as well as a slideshow of the former Apple CEO with pictures of him taken throughout his life.

Here’s what Foulkes had to say:

We all miss him so much here, but, um, he believed that technology was a mental bicycle and that’s all it was; nothing more, nothing less. It should make each of us be better than we are. He always followed that and the company still follows that, and hopefully will follow it for generations to come.

So Steve lives in all of us. Those who worked with him miss him dearly but he lives in our hearts. All of you who have a device at home or in your pockets, hopefully that is your mental bicycle and make you be a better person than you are.

The video they showed is below:



[Via Cult of Mac]

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