Elf Defense For iPhone and iPad (iSmashPhone Review)

 Elf Defense

Elf Defense is currently on sale for 99 cents, down from it’s regular price of $2.99. We decided to try it out.


Elf Defense is a tower defense game in which players take on the roll of a small group of elves defending against some evil humans who have done them wrong. It’s a bit of a bummer that the humans are the bad guys in this story, but it’s probably no different than Ferngully, or on of those other films about the evils of deforestation, but that’s besides the point. Players will place units along a set path where their human enemies will walk or run as they try to reach the end of the path, where the elves’ home base is.

There will be enemies of various strengths and speeds traversing through the level. It’s up to you to create units and upgrade them accordingly in order to fight off the onslaught of creatures coming your way. Enemies will progressively become stronger and it will take more hits to destroy them. This means you must begin upgrading your units quickly. Players need to consider unit placement and numbers while choosing when and which units to upgrade along the way.


The Good

The game runs well, and it plays just as a tower defense game should. The visuals are great and the touchscreen lends itself well to the unit placement and selection necessary in tower defense games. The area we want to compliment most is the graphics. The visuals are very sharp, and look beautiful on the Retina display. The characters look pretty cool, and the little story sequences are cutely-drawn. We really dig it.


The Bad

Unfortunately, there are many tower defense games out there and we think that Elf Defense needs to find a way to stand out in the crowd if it wants to get noticed. It’s worth checking out at 99 cents, and is a nice change from some of the other tower defense games out there. At the very least, it has beautifully-drawn graphics.


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