Foxconn Hiring “Lifestyle Services Manager” In Hopes of Improving Worker Life


Apple and Foxconn have both been in the news a lot lately over the treatment of workers at Foxconn assembly plants. They assemble most of our consumer electronics, but Apple is the main target of critics. This is likely because that contract is huge and probably makes up most of their workload.

According to a recent report, Apple is working on improving the lifestyle of workers. One of the major changes going on is that they are looking to hire someone who is specifically there to improve work life at the plants. They are calling it a Lifestyle Services Manager. They are there to ensure that workers are kept happy “within reason.” They will be in charge of dorm , and other living/working conditions in hopes that the workers are not treated unfairly.

Here’s a portion of the original Bloomberg report detailing the new job positions:

The lifestyle manager will be responsible for conditions at the company’s dormitories, canteens and health departments, according to the advertisement. The safety and security post requires a college degree in criminal investigation or legal- related disciplines, while the fire chiefs must have at least four years of related experience.

It seems like both Apple and Foxconn have been working very hard in hopes that they can change the public’s perception of how workers are treated. It will take some time, but it looks like they are doing what they can for now. If anything, it’s good PR.

[Via Bloomberg]

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