Half of All Homes in the US Have At Least One Apple Device

Apple Devices

I am a statistic.

Did you know that half of all homes in the US own at least one Apple device? That’s according to a CNBC survey. They found that 55 million homes in the States have an Apple device of some sort, whether it’s a Mac, iOS device or Apple TV, etc.

They found that the average home with such devices has about three devices. However, if you take into account homes in the US with absolutely no Apple devices, it translates into 1.6 devices per home in the US.

According to Hart Research Associates VP Jay Cambell, much of these owners have several devices because of Apple’s ecosystem. He calls it a “fantastic business model.” He’s right. iCloud and recent Mac OS updates only make it moreso. For instance, my Mac works so well in conjunction with the iPhone, that I picked up an iPhone when I switched to AT&T (note that I was a BlackBerry guy before I switched to AT&T, and I didn’t switch because of the iPhone itself. I picked up an iPhone as a result of the switch) The iPad works great with the other devices, and so on.

The results are interesting, and it goes to show just how far Apple has come in the tech business.

[Via Electronista]

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