Help Purple Hands-On


Help Purple is an iPhone puzzle-type game in the tradition of the point-and-click adventure games of yesteryear.

Players will be put in situations where they must tap around the environment to find interactive objects that will help them get through the level. For instance, you may be put in a situation where Purple needs a to hop over a wall. Your job as the player is to find an object in the environment that will help Purple get where he has to go. It’s an easy concept, but some of the puzzles may take a few minutes to figure out.

Help Purple is more about stopping and thinking about what elements in the level can get you through the area. It’s not about running and gunning or quick reflexes. The game won’t appease more action-hungry gamers, but it should be enough for those who want a calmer, more thought out experience.

Children will like the colors and the character designs. It’s cute and cutely-drawn. However, they may have trouble getting through some of the areas. This could be a problem since the visuals call out to a younger audience. We suggest parents playing along with their kids to help them get through the levels and avoid frustration.

You can check out the game below:



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