How to Recover Your iPad From the Grave



You’ve probably been in a situation in which your iPad seems dead (white apple logo on a black boot up screen).

You may ask yourself: “Huh? What did I do?”  Try to re-trace your steps:

a) Have you installed any new apps?

b) Did you do a hard reset while your iPad seemed frozen?

There’s nothing you can do about some app crashing your iPhone. But you gotta stay away from hard resets, do them only after you’re 100% sure that your iPad is not responding.

You probably tried this method (getting the device in recovery mode) and still cannot connect to iTunes. If all failed, follow the following steps:

1. Turn off your iPad. You may need to do a hard reset: (hold Home and Sleep buttons until the screen turns off).

2. Connect USB cable to your iPad and open iTunes

3. Now, this is the most difficult part of the process.

You need to get your iPad into DFU (Device Firmware Update)

Timing is everything, so make sure you have a timer.

a) Hold Home and Sleep Buttons for 10 seconds

b) After 10 seconds release Sleep Button

c) Continue Holding Home Button for 10 more seconds

Here is a video that you can follow along with as well. This may be the easiest way to pull it off:

If you performed the steps above correctly you will see a message in iTunes telling you that it has detected a device in recovery mode, and you will be told that you will have to restore it to use it with iTunes.

If not, repeat the steps above again – timing is everything.

4. During the next steps, iTunes will restore the original firmware to your iPad:

After the process, your iPad gets restored but remains blank/empty.

5. After the restoration process, the iPad reboots. If you are still connected to iTunes, you will have an option to restore your iPad from the back-up.

Note: If you have been stopping backup during the iPhone sync process and have never completed your backup in full, shame on you. You will not be able to restore from backup unless you have completed a full backup in the past.

Select your option of choice and click continue.

If you selected the backup option, you will see a backup progress bar.

Note: The backup process will move at a steady pace until the last 5-10%. After that, the progress bar may not move for a long period of time (1- 3 hrs). Do not stop the restore process.  Everything is fine, it just takes a long time.  FYI – it took us 2.5 hours for the restore process to complete.

6. After the restoration process completes, iTunes will give you a prompt and the iPad will reboot.

7. After that, you will need to sync your iPad. If your iTunes is configured to start sync automatically, you don’t need to do anything.

We hope this iPad restoration process via DFU mode worked for you. Make sure to give yourself ample time, since it may take  you up to 3 hours.

If you have any questions/comments, feel free to post them.

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