How To Set Up iCloud and iTunes With Your New iPad and Other iTunes Tips

 The New iPad

You have your new iPad. You have already read about how to set up the tablet and restore from your previous backup. Ready to go! Right? Well, almost. There are a few more things you will want to do to set up your new iPad. You may want to set up iTunes Match, iCloud, wireless syncing if you don’t want to go the iCloud route and even how to grab files off your new iPad and import them to your computer without iTunes.

Please note that some guides may describe use with the iPhone or iPod touch, but iOS looks the same across all devices, so any commands, menus and steps apply to the iPad as well.


1) How to Set Up iTunes Match

iTunes Match lets you download songs that were previously imported to your computer. This means that a song you imported form a CD back in 2002 at some cruddy bit-rate can be re-downloaded to your iTunes library at something that actually sounds nice. It costs money, but it’s nice to get all those old songs back at a good quality.

Check out our how to guide here – iTunes Match


2) Set Up iCloud Syncing on Your iOS Device

If you want to sync to iCloud on your iOS device, this is how you do it. Know that iCloud will give you limited capacity compared to your computer, and if you want additional storage you must pay per year. The nice part is that if all your devices are set up, syncing is very nice and you don’t have to worry about connecting to your computer each time you want to do something.

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3) Setting Up Wireless Syncing

You can set up wireless syncing on your Mac and on your iPad. This will set things up so that you can back up to your Mac, but do it over your home network so that you don’t have to go tether your iPad to the computer every time you want to sync up a new app or song. It’s very convenient and we suggest using it after your initial setup.

Our Guide is right here – Set Up wireless syncing on your iPad and Mac


4) Copy A File From Your iPad to Your Mac

This is isn’t totally as necessary now that we have things like iCloud and wireless syncing. Still, there are cases where this has been a lifesaver. It’s worth checking out if you have an iOS device. It’s a free application, and it doesn’t require any sort of hack or jailbreak.

Our guide to iPhone Explorer here – How to use iOS Explorer


Have Fun With Your New Tablet

The iPad is a fun device. It’s great browsing the internet from a tablet. Of course there are those things you will have to do to set it up, like most of the stuff above. You will want it have it work with your iCloud and iTunes accounts as well. That’s what we did here. Of course there is plenty more you will want to know how to do with your iPad, and you can find that in our basic tips and tricks guide, here.

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