iFixit’s Apple TV (3rd Generation) Teardown

 Apple TV 3rd Gen

iFixit has pulled apart the latest version of Apple TV. The new device streams video at 1080p. It seems relatively easy to take apart. They first pulled off the base, which snaps on and off.

One thing they immediately noticed is the the new Apple TV doesn’t have a thermal pad, indicating that perhaps it does not get as hot as the previous generation model.

Here are a few notes from their teardown:

Apple TV 3rd Gen 2

The bottom side of the logic board:

  • Apple A5 Single Core processor
  • Hynix H9TKNNN4K 512MB RAM stacked within the A5
  • Toshiba THGVX1G6D2HLA01 8GB NAND Flash
  • Broadcomm BCM4330 (appears to be the same chip in the iPad 3rd Generation).
  • Apple 343S0479
  • Apple 338S1040

They also found that this model has two antennae.

They also said that it was very easy to take apart. It had no glue, and all screws were standard.

Here are all the components after the device was taken apart:

Apple TV 3rd Gen

You can check out the full teardown, here: iFixit Apple TV 3rd generation teardown

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