Interesting View on iPad Specs — Do Numbers Matter?

The New iPad

We’ve agreed with this for quite a while. There is an interesting look at the new iPad and it’s confirmed specs, which include a 1GHz A5X processor and 1GB of RAM. The extra RAM makes it slightly faster than the previous iPad. Most of the additional horsepower goes into making efficient use of that Retina display.

Matt Burns over at TechCrunch argues that the specs are no longer important with such devices, at least not from a marketing standpoint. Sure, some folks my look at those numbers, but Apple’s focus is typically more about how much faster the new iPad feels. They use things like “four times faster than the previous iPad” or “and that one was no slouch.” He also says that because the iPad really has no serious competition, specs matter less.

What’s more, my iPhone 4 still feels faster than some phones with processor speeds that are clocked faster than mine. However, there is a lot to be said about the efficiency of the software built into the device. iOS is pretty snappy. So even if the raw numbers say that my friend’s phone is faster, mine may work faster with the software I use.

It’s worth taking a read, whether you agree or not.  – Link


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