iOS Devices, the New iPad and Battery Life – Enough With the Worrying

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We found some out some horrible news last week. Our new iPad isn’t quite accurate when it tells us it has 100 percent of it’s charge! *cue scary orchestral stabs*. Anyway, it’s not a horrible thing. It just means you may want to charge your iPad a bit longer than the initial 100 percent mark. Even so, its battery life is better than most tablets. It’s just a bummer that you have to keep charging it after it reaches “100 percent.”

We have two reports and some thoughts on the matter. Hit the jump and let’s read on.

 No iOS Device Accurately Displays Charge Level

Website Cult of Mac talks about the charging thing going on with the iPad. Apparently, if you don’t charge it for an additional 2 hours after it reaches 100 percent, it’s reported that you are actually cutting your usage time down by 1.2 hours. But, didn’t I save two hours of my life by not waiting that full time? So it kind of evens out…right?

Anyway, they report that all iOS devices misreport their exact battery life. This isn’t a first for any mobile device it seems. When the original DisplayMate report came around, it said that many tablets do this. His report found that the iPad can run for just over 11 hours on a truly full charge, and 10.4 hours if you just wait for it to hit 100 percent on the indicator. It also takes about five and a half hours to charge the iPad fully from a completely drained battery, this is thanks to the extra capacity. Some say it’s best to just charge overnight if you want to get the most life out of your battery.


Killing Your Battery?

Some say that it’s possible to kill your battery due to overcharging. Supposedly, the new iPad gives users a 100 percent charge indication when it is only about 90 percent there. This is said to help keep the battery alive and healthy, as many believe that overcharging will kill it. Somewhere along the way, reports have mentioned that the iPad is overcharging its battery and causing damage to it. However, website TUAW calls BS on those claims. They explain how lithium ion batteries work and say that the iPad, like many devices, actually has a circuit that stops charging the battery when it’s at a full 100 percent.


Oh, My Battery!

We’ve learned a couple of things: It’s good to completely drain your li-ion battery from time-to-time, and most batteries are poop after about two years anyway. Just use your device, charge it when you need to, unplug it when you want to use it. Don’t leave it charging 24/7. Drain that sucker out. If you want the extra life out of your new iPad battery, charge it even after the 100 percent point. You’re not going to destroy it. It’s also likely that Apple will release an update soon and that the battery indicator will be more accurate from that point on.




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