iPad 3 and iPhone 5 Rumors Point to New Smart Cover Design and More

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The iPad 3 is set to be revealed in two days. We are all looking forward to what Apple has to announce, and we will know all the details of the latest iPad on Wednesday. With the upcoming announcement come rumors. There are a few more cropping up today. One even relates to the next-gen iPhone.

Let’s take a look at what the Apple rumor mill says today, shall we?


New Smart Cover-type case will cover back

The first two bits of information come from iLounge. They claim that the iPad 3 will have a Smart Cover-like design that also covers the back. The original Smart Cover is said to work with the iPad 3, but the new design will allow those who want the added protection of the back panel to purchase it instead. They claim that the rear shell part of the new cover will be made of fiberglass covered with PU/bicast leather. Also worth noting is that they do not know if the new case will work with the iPad 2 as well, or if it will be iPad 3 only as the iPad 3 is rumored to be slightly thicker.


Some iPad 3 Cases Already Showing Up at Best Buy

Another iPad rumor, this one coming from PhoneArena, says that Best Buy stores may already be stockpiling iPad 3 cases. They say that there are over 1,000 Targus stands for the iPad 3 shipping to Best Buy store. Keep in mind that we also saw a ton of supposed iPhone 5 cases before release, and they ended up being nothing like the handset Apple released last year. This may be nothing more than manufacturers and stores jumping the gun in hopes of getting inventory early and being able to sell accessories before anyone else. We’re sure those case makers and stores are hoping their bets pay off.


iPad Mini Coming This Summer?

This rumor just won’t die. However, this report comes from what is (supposedly) a Samsung Securities document (via CultofMac). Supposedly, this device is aimed to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire and other smaller form tablets. They say that it’s a 7-inch device currently being called the iPad mini and will be arriving this summer. We’ve heard in the past that Apple is testing smaller iPad models, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they plan to release anything. The only reason this is really worth a second of our consideration is because the source is supposedly Samsung, and they provide parts for Apple’s devices. Perhaps there is some merit in this rumor?


iPhone 5 With Glass Back

iLounge also claims that the next iPhone will have a glass back. This is contrary to the many rumors that claimed the device would have an aluminum casing. iLounge’s source claims that Apple is experimenting with glass and ceramic backs in their iPhones, and will likely go that route in the near future. If their report is accurate, the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 6) will be like the iPhone 4, but slightly thinner, thanks to Gorilla Glass 2, which we saw at CES 2012. The 30-pin connector may also be done away with in a future model and the larger screen is still a possibility, says the report.


We Will Know Most of This iPad Stuff in Two Days

Wednesday, March 7th is the day. We will learn about Apple’s next iPad, and we will finally be able to separate fact from fiction. We will be liveblogging the event as always, and we hope to see you there.


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