iPad Publications Do Pretty Well, According to Distimo Research


Distimo took a look at subscription-based publications on the iPad. Basically, all the stuff that shows up on your Newsstand app. What they found actually surprises us a bit.

We knew people do read such publications, but it was interesting to find out just how successful many of them actually are.

Here is one of the findings of their report:

iPad users are willing to pay for premium content offered by newspapers and magazines in the Newsstand category. The category launched only six months ago, however more than 70k USD per day is already being made by the top 100 grossing Newsstand applications in the United States.

That’s more than 70k per day for the 100 top-grossing publications. Not a bad place to be.

They also found that Newsstand is pretty popular for App Store purchases overall:

Free Weather, Newsstand and Entertainment are the most attractive categories in terms of downloads per applications. In the chart below the volumes in the top 100 free applications divided by the number of available free applications is given per category.

This is interesting as it seems hard to get people to want to purchase digital content, especially when much of the news is available free in the form of an RSS reader or browser.

Read the rest of the report at Distimo. Link

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