iPhoto for iOS – Don’t Bother if You Don’t Have a Front-Facing Camera

 iPhoto for iOS

As of yesterday, the full iLife suite is now available on iOS. The new software gives users the ability to use Apple’s photo-editing and retouching software on their iPad, iPod touch or iPhone.

iPhoto lends itself well to the touch interface of Apple’s iOS devices. Much more so than any of the other applications in iLife (such as Pages or even iMovie and GarageBand, even though those all work pretty well).

The app allows users to retouch their photos literally with their fingertips. Look through your image library, and even use brushes to fix your pictures.

Because the app is touch-based, it feels very natural to users who aren’t used to more advanced photo editors such as PhotoShop. Even then, many of the effects are cool enough for folks who want to do some cool tricks with their photo libraries.

There is a major drawback to the application, and it’s already apparent that users aren’t happy. Users with devices that aren’t equipped with front-facing cameras can’t use the software. In truth, I don’t understand why. Sure, they can’t take photos with their iPad (though their iPhone 3GS can) not to mention, the front-facing camera isn’t that great anyway.

You can check out the app here (so long as you have an iOS device with a front-facing camera):


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