More iPad 3 Rumors Claim 4G LTE and Launch Date

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When Apple announces the iPad 3 on March 7 (as of the time of this writing, that’s tomorrow) we will learn all the details of the device. Two more reports have popped up today. The first involves the 4G LTE again. The other rumor is the iPad 3 release date.

Reuters claims that the iPad 3 will ship with 4G LTE. This is something that’s been reported by both the Wall Street Journal and by iMore. Both seem to have reliable sources. Reuters makes the same claim, so it’s very likely at this point that we will see LTE support on the iPad 3. It’s said that such speeds are about 10 times that of 3G connections. A major plus for iPad 3 owners.

As for the iPad 3 launch? 9to5Mac claims that a reliable source has tipped them off to a March 16th release date. The Houston Chronicle reported the same date. March 16th is likely because it’s the day that Apple will open their new Houston retail location. Also opening on that day is an Apple Store in London. It seems we’ve found our release date.



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