New iPad Already Makes Up 6.6 Percent of Apple Tablets On the Internet – Lots of Night Users

New iPad Internet share

A report from Chitika, a mobile ad network, makes claim that the new iPad is already making up 6.6 percent of iPads accessing the internet. The original iPad and iPad 2 obviously making up the other 93.4 percent.

It says that traffic from the new tablet increased gradually from release date, and it went from five percent on the day after launch to as high as 9.9 percent Tuesday, just a few days later. However, they notice that much of the use comes from late night iPad’ers. They see that much of  the traffic comes between 2 -5am Eastern and 10-midnight Pacific. They found that Nevada has the most new iPad users and California is right there after them.

However, as AppleInsider points out, this isn’t meant to be a clear indication of how many users are picking up the new iPad, it’s more of an indication of how many users are using the internet with it in the US. Even then, it does give somewhat of a representation of how quickly it’s picking up momentum. After all, the tablet did sell 3 million its first weekend.

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