Why it May Be Time to Order Your New iPad and Apple TV

the new iPAd

Apple’s new iPad and Apple TV supplies are already falling behind demand. This is normally expected with a  new iPad or iPhone as the two are Apple’s most popular devices. However, Apple TV has always been described as a “hobby” for Apple. It’s just a $99 set-top box that seems to get low priority on Apple’s to-do list. Still, it’s selling well.


The iPad falling slightly behind

If the iPad continues to see massive pre-orders, it will be on a bit of a back-order, it seems. Website CultofMac caught wind of it first, and noticed that the white iPad 16GB wifi only has already slipped back to a March 19 estimated ship date rather than the original March 16 launch.

iPad Preorders

This is only the first of the tablets to get pushed back like that, and it’s likely that more will see delays in the coming hours/days as pre-orders are filled. We took a look, and currently only that particular model is seeing the slight delay .Howeer, it’s likely that there will be more delays as the release date draws near and those who want to own the tablet start preordering.

Long story short? If you want the new iPad before launch, go pre-order it now. Otherwise you may have to wait a couple of weeks, as you already do with the Apple TV.


Apple TV Delay

Those who pre-ordered Apple TV were supposed to get one on March 16, the day of release. However, it looks like the new set-top box was pretty popular, because it’s already backordered 1-2 weeks (MacRumors). Anyone who didn’t order one almost right away will be waiting a little longer than they’d probably hoped.

Perhaps is the new interface or the 1080p HD streaming. Aside from that, it’s the same Apple TV the company introduced in 2010. It’s a great little box. You can check out our info roundup for Apple TV here.

The new box was introduced at Apple’s media event yesterday just before the new iPad. It did not get a long mention, but Apple gave us the rundown, and it looks like people were pretty interested. If anything, it’s a pretty sweet Netflix box.


I’m Popular

Apple is the cool kid on the block when it comes to tech. Some really don’t like it that way, but whatever. If you like your device, use it. Looks like a lot of other people are ready to enjoy the iPad and Apple TV.

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