New iPad – iPad 2 Cases That Work and Cases That Don’t

The New iPad

The new iPad is similar in form-factor to the iPad 2. It’s just a tiny bit thicker. It’s almost unnoticeable to most, but someone comparing side-by-side may feel it. That said, most of the cases made for the iPad 2 will work for the new tablet. We decided to test them out and see which do and which don’t fit on the new iPad.



Slate Shield for iPad – (Review)

BooqPad – (Review)

Rev360 – (Review)

Waterfield Design Cases – (Review)

RingO Wall Mount for iPad 2 – (Review

Lucrin Case – (Review)

Tuff-Luv Case – (Review)

G-Form Extreme Sleeve – (Review)

Crystal  Gaban – (Review)

SmartFit 2 – (Review)

PixelSkin HD Wrap – (Review)

Kork – (Review)

Evouni – (Review)

FrappeDesign – (Review)

PropUp – (Review)

XyberPro – (Review)

PadQuill – (Review)

Sena – (Review

Griffin Leather Case – (Review)

iBallz – (Review)

CaseCrown – (Review)

Proporta – (Review)

Aviiq – (Review)

iFrogz BackBone – (Review)

As for gel cases, any will work. They are flexible and slightly stretchy. 



Did Not Work

Revolution Handstand – (Review)

iFrogz Summit – (Review)


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