New iPad – More Funky Charging Issues…Is it an Issue?

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Oh noes! More problems with the iPad! This is part of the DisplayMate report, it was not a huge deal when mentioned by Dr. Raymond M. Soneira. He was just making a bunch of in-depth observations about the new iPad. Either way, it was found that the new iPad actually continues to charge long after it reaches 100 percent. How long? About an hour.

This means that the iPad isn’t exactly at 100 percent capacity.  However, here’s the important bit. It seems that you should definitely charge it for that extra time if you want the most out of your non-plugged in usage. Here’s part of an Ars report on the matter:

“I measured the power actually drawn by the AC Adapter and found that the new iPad continues to charge for up to 1 hour after it claims to reach 100 percent,” Soneira told Ars via e-mail. “This affects the battery run time if you stop charging when it says 100 percent. Other tablets and smartphones also lie about their charging status, so if getting maximum battery run time is crucial, people need to keep their devices recharging for longer than the screen claims.”

There you go. If you want that little extra bit of juice, let it charge the extra bit of time. The screen may tell you one thing, but you may want some extra usage out of it if you are on a flight or car trip.

This is a non-issue, but people will make of it what they will. The only thing to take out of this is to keep charging if you’d like to.

Here are some real potential issues.

[Via Ars]



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