New iPad Myths, Worries and Other Bunk

 The New iPad

We’re into the second week of the new iPad’s availability. We are already hearing all kinds of stories about the tablet. Battery, wifi, heating. It’s all there.

Let’s take a look at some of what we’ve been hearing and throw some opinions in.

1) The new iPad has Terrible Wifi

The New iPad doesn’t do wifi all that great. At least that’s what some reports have been saying. People do seem to have trouble with getting a strong signal when compared to their other devices. However, we don’t know exactly how far they are from the router. For instance, I can sit at the other side of my apartment, as far away from my router as possible within my living space, and things are fine. However, if I visit my mom’s house, the wifi doesn’t work well in her spare bedroom. Her living space is much larger than mine. However, this is nothing new. People have been complaining about the iPad wifi for years. See? I wrote about it for Byte.


2) The New iPad Is Hot. Literally.

It runs a bit warmer than past iPads. I have experienced this first hand. It’s not a huge deal. Warmer means warmer, not hot. In fact, PCWorld did some testing and said that the new iPad’s temperatures are in line with comparable tablets.

Here is an image comparing the new iPad’s temperature with other tablets both unplugged and plugged into a power outlet:

tablet heat chart

The image above is by PCWorld, check them out for an in-depth report of the  new iPad and it’s running temperatures.


3) The New iPad Has a Funky Battery

The new iPad is said to have weird charging issues. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s apparently not fully charged when the indicator says 100 percent.

We touched on this earlier today, but there is concern about overcharging the battery. However, it just doesn’t happen that way. There is a circuit built into these devices made specifically to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

It stops the charging when the battery is at full capacity. Your battery will not overcharge. That said, it’s necessary to deplete your battery from time to time, say once a month, to get those electrons moving. More on that here.


Why Worry?

There is a lot of concern over the device and just about everything it does. We say don’t worry. It works for us so far. Wifi has always been a bit weak on the iPad compared to laptops and some of our other devices. We’re not entirely sure why, but it’s never been enough to affect our use.


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