New iPad Wifi-Only Could Arrive in Mainland China Soon

the new iPAd

Apple is having some trouble getting the iPad into mainland China. There’s a bit of irony in that, but it’s thanks to a little company that’s on the brink of bankruptcy called Proview. They seem to want some money out of Apple.

Here’s the short version: Apple bought the iPad trademark a while back (actually, it was IPAD all caps), Proview got mad when Apple started selling the iPad in China because they say that the trademark rights did not include the right to mainland China. Now they are arguing over who is right.

However, GigaOM reports via AllThings D that the Chinese certification for the new iPad has been discovered. This may indicate that it’s ready to arrive in the country. As many reports have pointed out, China is a major part of Apple’s growth both in hardware and with the App Store.


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