New to the New iPad? Here Are a Few Guides That Will Help You Out

The New iPad

Maybe you decided to pick up a new iPad. Your time to hold the latest version of Apple’s tablet will come this Friday. Perhaps this is your first iPad. If that’s the case, there are a few things you should know about the tablet as a new iPad owner. There are some troubleshooting tips and some basic user tips and setup guides that you may want to check out, or even bookmark, to help you out.

Some of these will seem basic for advanced users, but there are tips in there for everyone. Just read along and find stuff that’s useful to you.

Read the list below and hit up the various links to check out some basic info for first-time iPad owners. We should also note that many of these will apply to various iOS devices such as the iPhone and the iPod touch.

iOS Tips and Tricks for the New iPad Owner – Link

Basic iPad Tips and Tricks – Link

iOS Device Dos and Dont’s – Link

New iPad has iTunes logo and USB Icon (Note, this is much less common on newer devices) –  Link

iPad Home Button Tricks – Link

Orientation Lock Setup – Link

Enable Multitouch Gestures on iPad – Link

Open Link in new Page in Mobile Safari – Link

Make Better Use of that App Dock – Link

Hard Reset – Link

Use Spotlight search to save time – Link

Turn off Auto-correct – Link

Keyboard tricks for web navigation – Link

iPad wifi connection dropped? – Link

Free up iPad memory – Link

Disable “Sent from my iPad” message in outgoing emails – Link

Parental Controls on FaceTime – Link

Change the function of Home Button – Link

Wifi-only, or always connected? – Link

Set up iCloud Syncing – Link

iOS Firmware Guide  (we are always updating this one) – Link

Top Apps (this list is self-updating, so please check back) – Link

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