One of the Coolest Hoodies I’ve Ever Owned – Built-in Earbuds


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This model guy probably looks better in it than I do, so we will use his picture. Note that I wear cargo pants and don’t roll up my sleeves like the guy in the picture.

I was in the mood for something with a hood. It’s nice for those bad hair days or when I am just too lazy to style it.

As you can see my hair takes a while to style:


My roommate and I walked around the mall shopping for clothes when I ran into this beauty at Forever 21 (Yeah, laugh it up, she and I shop at Forever 21 sometimes).

It’s a hoodie with built-in earbuds. It even has a special pocket for your MP3 player. I of course use it with my iPhone.

Here’s the rundown:

It fits great, and it’s very comfortable. Makes me feel nice and slim. That’s always a good feeling. I like feeling slim and sexy. Don’t we all?

It was also affordable. It only set me back $30, which is nice considering that it’s a pretty cool hoodie with earbuds built-in. Sometimes hoodies cost around $40 alone.

It’s machine-washable. You don’t have to remove the earbuds. They will be fine. However, it does say that you hang it to dry it. I tumbled dry for just a few minutes or so to smooth it out a bit and get it from “drenched” to “wet” because for my test I hand washed it and completely submerged every component underwater for several minutes. After that, I hung it up to dry over my shower. It was ready to go by morning.


The Bad

If I may offer some criticism, it’s that the earbuds don’t sound great. They aren’t terrible. They just don’t seem to have the frequency response of some of the other earbuds out there, and I’m not comparing these to Beats, either. I’m just talking about stock ones that come with the iPod or $20 buds you can pick up at Walmart.

I know that they wanted to keep the cost of the hoodie down a bit, but I would not mind paying a little extra for a hoodie with built-in earbuds if it meant better sound. Still, this is a cool hoodie in my book.

You can check it out here:

Forever 21

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