Photos Taken With the New iPad Show Major Camera Improvement

The iPad 2 wasn’t known for taking great photos. They probably didn’t know whether it would be a popular camera, and just kind of tacked it on to appease users. However, the components in the new iPad are vastly improved. It’s five megapixels (compared to the 1mp of the iPad 2). It also has many of the components that are similar to the iPhone 4S. Overall, it’s just a much better camera.

Here are some photos that were allegedly taken with an iPad. They were captured by Vietnamses website Tinh.te (so credit to them for the photos), which you may remember ran those benchmark tests showing us that the new iPad has 1GB of RAM, as well as posting a few unboxing videos.

iPad Camera

iPad camera 2

As you can see, the images are much sharper than what the iPad 2 used to take. It’s not on par with the iPhone 4S or a professional camera, but it doesn’t look like poop.

You can check out the rest of the photos (and we recommend you do, so that you can see them in full-resolution) at

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