Reader Question: How do I Bookmark a page on my iPad?

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Here’s how to bookmark a page on your iPad.

A reader recently asked this question about their iPad 2:

Explain how I can put a “favorites” list and/or “bookmark” a particular page on my I-Pad II I can’t seem to locate this anywhere. We are retired and need SIMPLE instructions. Thanks so much.

This person wants to bookmark a page so that they can easily return to it at a later time.

Here’s How to do that:


For the purpose of this how-to, we are going to bookmark Google. Of course the process is the same with ANY page or website:

1) Tap the small share button next to the navigation bar. It looks like a small rectangle with a curved arrow in it. We have circled it in the image below (Sorry about the small-screens, you can click on them for full-size images):

iPAd Bookmark 1

2) Upon tapping it, you will see a number of options: ‘Add Bookmark’ is at the top. There are more, but this is the only one you really need to worry about right now. Tap on ‘Add Bookmark’:

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3) Now you will be given the option to rename the bookmark and to save it. It’s easiest to leave these at their defaults. Hit Save:

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Opening Your Bookmark Later

4) Tap on the small book icon at the top-left. We’ve circled it below for you:

iPAd Bookmark 3-5.jpg

7) You will get a drop down with all your bookmarks. Tap on the Bookmark that you want to go to, and you will be taken to the page.

iPAd Bookmark 4.jpg.jpg


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