Report: Apple Television to Begin Production By June for Launch by Late 2012

Apple TV

Don’t get too excited yet. This comes from an analyst. It’s Peter Misek of Jefferies, who released an investors note today explaining that suppliers in Asia are already receiving “specialty components” such as polarized films, filters and IGZO components in small quantities as they prepare for the production of what is rumored to be a new Apple TV set.

Misek believes that production of the new television set will begin around May or June and that the first wave will be somewhere between 2 to 5 million units and that they will be ready to ship by Q4 of 2012. According to reports, Misek took a trip to Asia an that he was given what he called early production evidence of “iTV.”

He also believes that Apple will be ready to launch their next iPhone around the third quarter of 2012, saying “We believe initial iPhone 5 build expectations are approaching 50 (million)” and they they expect the device to have a larger screen, wider form factor an A6 processor (ed note: Not an A5X?) and a brand-new design.

We will see for sure. Apple is releasing a new Apple TV this week. They have been interested in the TV market, but haven’t quite had the impact they’ve had in other areas. All we can do is wait and see.


[Via AppleInsider]

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