Report: New iPad Has 1GB of RAM

new ipad RAM

We don’t know how true the report is, but it comes from a Vietnamese blog called Supposedly they have obtained a third-generation iPad and tested it out. We can’t know for sure if it’s real, but it seems to be pretty legit.

They ran a benchmark on the tablet to see what it’s running (via TUAW). They found that the device has 1GB of RAM and that the A5X processor clocks in at 1GHz, which is the same as the A5 found in the iPad 2, however, the A5X is better for graphics (this is to support the higher-resolution of the Retina display).

This is also in line with things we heard from The Verge, which cited inside sources claiming that the new iPad would have 1GB of memory. iOS hacker Chronic also claimed 1GB of RAM.

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