REV360 Smart – For iPad 2

iPad 2 Rev360 smart



Product Description:

REV360 Smart – For iPad 2 – Black

A revolutionary new way to hold your iPad 2 — flip it, spin it, turn it and share it. Comfortably use your iPad while turning it for optimal viewing and easy manipulation of the touch screen without accidentally launching apps or randomly scrolling. Show friends, present to colleagues, interact without constraints.

This case is probably the best of its kind. It’s a stand-type case and it has a handgrip as well. Not only is it designed for the iPad 2 (and the new iPad) it actually has a space cutout for Apple’s Smart Cover. This is a nice plus since some similar cases don’t make space for the Smart Cover. It also spins a full 360 degrees, so it’s easy to use in both portrait and landscape.

The grip is nice for use as it helps prevent accidental launching of apps by touching the screen with the tip of one of your thumbs, etc. It also works as a stand, again it’s easy to put it either portrait or landscape. At $60, it’s not horribly expensive. You won’t need a Smart Cover, but if you do choose to get one, the price does start to add up.


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