RIM Developing Apps for iOS Looking for “Advanced iOS Management”

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Interesting job postings at RIM’s site show that RIM is hoping to hire iOS developers. They didn’t spill the beans at first, but they eventually opened up a bit about it and said that it has something to do with BlackBerry Fusion.

They spoke with All Things D and said the following:

In order for BlackBerry Mobile Fusion to perform advanced management functions for iOS devices, RIM will develop an on device client to be included as part of the overall solution.

It sounds like a way to offer support for managing iOS devices, something they’d like to do for Android devices as well, according to the All Things D report.

There was originally a lot of speculation over why RIM may be developing Apps for iOS, and some thought it could be yet another sign that RIM is doing poorly and having to acknowledge the fact that iOS is taking a huge chunk of the mobile market. However, it’s also important to remember that Microsoft and Google offer apps for iOS. Though the differentiator there may be that unlike RIM, their business isn’t centered around their mobile devices.

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