Rumor: Apple Planning to Introduce 8GB iPad 2 at March 7 iPad Event

ipad 2

The latest rumor to come from the world of Apple iOS devices is an 8GB iPad 2. The original report comes from (surprise!) Digitimes, who sites upstream supply sources. The idea is for the tablet to appeal to those looking for a tablet in a lower price range, perhaps to compete with devices like Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which is a smaller tablet and sells for $199 and some less expensive Windows 8-based tablets.

However, it’s interesting to note that the Digitimes report also claimed that Apple would only release two iPad 3 capacities: the 16GB and the 32GB versions. We don’t think that this will be the case as most rumors seem to say the exact opposite and that Apple will actually increase capacity. We don’t know how likely that is, either, but we are willing to bet that Apple won’t be dropping the 64GB version. Then again, we don’t know how likely an 8GB iPad 2 is. 16GB feels like an absolute minimum these days with all the media we put on our devices.

It’s also worth saying that we hear rumors come from Digitimes almost daily, but we have rarely seen something come of those rumors. Just a thought.

[Via Digitimes]

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