Rumor: iPad 3 / iPad HD to Have Tactile Screen?

iPad event

This is probably one of the more interesting rumors we’ve heard. It claims that Apple’s latest-generation tablet will implement tactile feedback to the touchscreen. The rumor comes from website Pocket-Lint. They spoke with a representative from Senseg, a company specializing in tactile touchscreens, about their technology and whether they will have any involvement with the iPad 3 launch. The spokesperson said that they “won’t be making any statements until after Apple’s announcement.” Hmm…seems fishy.

That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s happening. They did specifically ask about the iPad, and this could just be a way to neither confirm or deny anything about their tech or the upcoming tablet. However, this could also be part of their invitation, which read “we have something you really have to see. And touch.” This may, may be a hint at a tactile touchscreen. Tactility is all about feel.

Well, we will know soon enough.


[Via PocketLint]

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