Sena Walletskin for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S



Product Description:

Put your iPhone 4S in your wallet. The WalletSkin is part designer wallet and part premium leather case for stylish functionality.
Designer wallet with pockets
Easy device access
Secure snap closure

We usually aren’t fans of leather iPhone cases, but this is one of the first that is actually well-executed. What we liked about it was the extremely sturdy belt clip. This thing also doubles as a wallet. You can put a few things in there, but don’t expect to carry more than a couple of cards and the basics, maybe some cash. You won’t be able to stuff the thing, but it can work well if you carry a minimal amount of stuff in your wallet. In the end, it’s one less thing to have in your pocket, which is always nice.

At $52, it’s about what we would expect for a leather iPhone case. It comes in 13 colors, and you can check them out at Senacases’ website. Here


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