Setting Up Your New iPad and Restoring From Your Backup

 The New iPad

Congratulations. You have probably just picked up your new iPad. It’s always cool to have a new piece of gear. Now, knowing exactly what to do with a new iOS device can be a bit daunting if it’s your first time with one. What do you do with the old one? What do you do with the new one? How do you move your stuff over?

Well, that’s what we are going over today. It’s actually vey simple.

Before you start: Before you start, we suggest that you back up your current iPad. Whether you want to go with an iCloud backup or a traditional iTunes backup is up to you. Just make sure you backup your most recent configuration. 

1) Upon first powering on your new iPad you will be asked a few questions about how you want to set things up. How you answer is up to you.

Location Services – This will enable location services on your iPad. It’s what helps track you when you use applications like Maps and the camera. Note that you can always change this option later as well.

New iPad 1

2) Next you will set up your wifi

New iPad 2

3) Setup Your iPad. This is where you can choose what you want to do with your new iPad. You can set it up as a new device, you can restore from an iCloud backup or from an iTunes backup. This all depends on how you backed up your previous iPad, or if you ever owned an iPad.

New iPad 3

4) Connect to iTunes. We went this route because our 64GB iPad is almost full. We don’t want to purchase a boatload of iCloud storage, so iTunes it is for us.

New iPad 4

5) iTunes will greet you and welcome you to your new iPad


6) Next is all the end user license agreement stuff. May want to take a look, as you don’t want to end up like the HUMANCENTiPAD


7) Now register your iPad by entering your Apple ID. This will tell Apple that you have a new iPad and it will become one of your registered devices for iTunes, Apps, etc.


8) You can now restore from your old backup (or set up as a new iPad if you so choose):


9) Restoring from backup. Know that the estimate given by your computer may not necessarily be your actual waiting time. Ours started at about three hours, but in reality was more like 50 minutes. This may be faster with iCloud. We used iTunes, so we can’t say for sure at this point.


10) After the restore, you must sync your device. This will take a little bit, but not nearly as long as the restore. Either way it will depend entirely on how much stuff you are syncing. We had more than 50GB.

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