Slim MacBook Pros in Coming Months?

MacBook Air

Looks like a slim MacBook Pro may be on the way, if rumors are to be believed.

We’ve been hearing rumors of slimmed down, quad-core MacBook Pros (via Cult of Mac). The new notebooks will be more like the MacBook Air in that they are thin and lightweight.

Here’s part of a report mentioning some delays Intel had with their Ivy Bridge processors:

Ivy Bridge launch was delayed twice. First time it slipped from the first to the second quarter 2012, and then it was delayed by another two weeks. Current launch date for desktop Ivy Bridge CPUs is set on April 29, which was confirmed by two different sources, sweclockers and donanimhaber. That still left us in the dark in regards to mobile processors, due to rumors that their launch was pushed back until June. After seeing recent desktop and mobile roadmaps we can confirm that both desktop and mobile IB chips will be released at the same time.

However, because the new chips are said to be in the pipeline to be ready in time for April or May, we may see Apple’s MacBook Pro and iMac get an update around the same time as Apple’s computer refreshes seem to happen more based on when adequate processors become available.

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