So How Does the New iPad Screen Compare to the iPad 2?



We took an image of our iPad 2 Homescreen and the same image of our new iPad Homescreen. We just wanted to see how much larger the display actually was. These images are scaled down, but done so proportionally. This means that you are getting an accurate representation of how the two screen sizes compare to each other.

We knew that the Retina display has four times the pixels of the previous iPad models. Still, it was something we wanted to see compared. We’ve seen a lot of photos of people’s close-up shots of pixelated iPad 2 screens vs the Retina screen, but this time we wanted to see the size difference.

You can see a full-size image if you click on the picture above. Still, it’s amazing to see the size difference.

A couple of things we have noted about the new iPad.

We checked our images in the Photos app. It takes a bit longer to load images on the iPad 2 than it does on the new iPad within the camera roll. However, it still does take some time for the screenshot to load on the  new iPad. That’s pretty good given the considerable size difference. Then again,  most of the additional horsepower in the third-gen iPad goes into that Retina display.

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