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Upon first launching Tap the Frog 2, I thought I was in for an oversimplified children’s game that would no challenge. I was wrong. The challenge is there, but the game can entertain a child as well.

Tap the Frog 2 is a collection of minigames centered around frogs. Every minigame features tapping in some form. For instance, the first game is simply about tapping frogs to pop them. Groups of frogs appear onscreen and the player must tap them as quickly as possible within the given time limit. It’s more fun than it sounds, because you are always trying to top your last score. It’s almost like popping virtual bubble wrap. You just can’t stop popping.

Another game has the player controlling a frog as it hops across lilypads. One button will make froggie jump one space, and the other button will perform a longer, two-space jump. You are racing against the clock in this game as well, so you must carefully judge your jumps in order to avoid falling into water. What sounds easy on paper is actually much harder to do when you are trying to move quickly.

My personal favorite minigame in this collection is Paint the Frog. In this game you are given small groups of frogs of two colors. For instance, blue and green. You must tap on the frogs to alternate their colors, so that all frogs onscreen match. There is a little bit of strategy here, because you are trying to save valuable time as you play. If you have nine frogs and three are green while the other six are blue, you would want to tap the green frogs to minimize the number of times you will have to tap around the screen, saving you a second or two. Of course this adds up through the course of the minigame.

Tap the frog

There are a variety of other minigames, but we just mentioned some of the ones we really had fun with.


The Good

The game is simple enough for players of all ages to enjoy. Everything revolves around tapping the screen. Its easy and it’s fun. The frogs are goofy-looking, yet cute. It has the potential for wide enough appeal, too.


The Bad

While the games are simple, they can sometimes be a bit difficult to master. You must obtain stars in each minigame in order to unlock more games within Tap the Frog 2. This means that if you aren’t particularly good at a game, you can’t unlock others. Most of us can keep playing until we up our score, but this can lock younger players into a small set of minigames.


The Verdict

Tap the Frog was a pleasant surprise. What looked to be an oversimplified kiddie game actually turned out to be fun, and in some cases challenging. It’s fun. Plus, it’s only 99 cents on iPhone. The iPad is a dollar more at $1.99, but who doesn’t enjoy a bigger screen?




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