The New iPad Can Be Your Hotspot for Over a Full Day

This is pretty cool news. The Verizon iPad can be used as a personal hotspot for more than 25 hours. That’s quite a while.

Really, that’s not a typo. The new iPad will go a bit over 25 hours when it’s fully charged as an LTE hotspot.

Now the bad news (for some of us): Only the Verizon iPad allows for personal hotspot use, at least for the time being.

Cult of Mac found these results. Nice to hear something good about the battery after some of the news that’s been making rounds. As for our personal experience, the battery seems to be holding up as expected. I have used my iPad for a few hours, and can’t report that it’s draining any faster than my iPad 1st-gen did when I first got it (of course that was a long time ago and my memory may not be exact there).


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