This Just In: Repairing the New iPad Yourself Will Suck

iFixit has taken apart the new iPad, and they have found that the device is very hard to repair. I think we all knew that. In fact, Apple has made it a point to make these things as difficult as possible to get into. This is something we’ve known since the iPhone days. They always use hidden screws, or weird screws that few of us have the tools on-hand to remove.

Heck, even the battery is hard to get into. What’s new?

The good news is that we’ve yet to have a problem with any of our iPads. Repairs don’t seem common so long as you take care of it. Even then, Apple will repair it for a year. The new tablet got a rating of 2 out of 10 on their repairability scale. That’s one of the lowest scores they’ve given.

They gave three major reasons they didn’t like the iPad from a repairability standpoint. Among them was this:

Getting in: We hoped that Apple might return to the easy-to-open tabs of the original iPad. Being able to get into a device is obviously the first step in any repair. Instead, the thin front panel is held on by a strong adhesive. We’ve gotten better at getting into iPads since last year (we broke the screen on the first iPad 2 we tore down), but the iPad puts walls of glass and aluminum between the user and the device’s insides. Apple says the iPad is “made of aluminum and other materials highly desired by recyclers“—but that means nothing if recyclers can’t get into the device at all. Mr. Cook, tear down this wall!

There is more to read, but you should check out iFixit’s full report here.

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