Using the Final Cut Pro Serial Number

The Final Cut Pro serial number is at the heart of the product, and is in place when you purchase the Final Cut Studio package.  The professional program itself is hardly the issue that you pay for, as you would likely be able to find the installation files itself online relatively easily.  When you purchase the program you essentially purchase the Final Cut Pro serial number as this is what legally defines that you can have it and allows you to register the program, which is necessary for proper installation and continued use.

When you first purchase the Final Cut Studio you are going to notice that you are assigned a unique serial number that is not shared by any other user.  This is going to identify you to Apple and prove that you are the correct owner of this.  If a person installs Final Cut Pro but does not have a serial number, or at least an unused serial number, it will not allow for the completion of the installation.  This principle is reflected in a large number of software as a measure against theft and piracy.  The other programs in the Final Cut Studio will also share this.


As the installation process begins your Final Cut Pro serial number will be requested along with your other personal information, such as name and address.  This is to keep you in the database so that they know how your product is working.  You do not, however, have to enter in correct information besides your individual Final Cut Pro serial number.  If you do not have a unique one then it will indicate that it is not valid and your installation will not be completed.  This is not a sign that there is an issue with the software or its storage medium, but that your serial number is not matching.


When you do purchase the software you are going to find the serial number as a tag in the packaging.  It is to be saved as quietly as possible so that it is not used or shared by others, and Apple Stores themselves are pretty guarded with the actual packaging so that customers do not have access to the numbers without paying.  Final Cut Pro serial number piracy has been a common issue, and many people attempt to look for free Final Cut Pro serial numbers online continuously.  There are a number of sites dedicated to file sharing and piracy that have made this material accessible, as well as torrent downloads that include both the installation files and a serial number.  Though free Final Cut Pro serial numbers are relatively common, it can be difficult to find one that will be universal and not already used.  This is an illegal sharing of a software property, though very hard to detect for the individual user.  A free Final Cut Pro serial number may also not be for current versions and you will not be able to update the software as you would with a regularly purchased version.  This is also to note that things work much differently with Final Cut Pro X than they did with Final Cut Pro 7, and it can be more difficult to deal with the serial number issue.  Since many people are actually simply sticking with Final Cut Pro 7 now and do not want any of the additional updates that are unique to Final Cut Pro X it may give a logical reasoning to searching out these Final Cut Pro serial number downloads.

If you lose your product’s number you should first be concerned about it being used for Final Cut Pro serial number piracy, mainly because it could cause you an issue when reinstalling or updating your software.  If your program has already been installed then it is actually saved on your march in /Library/Application Support/ProApps/Final Cut Pro System ID, which is the permanent place you will be able to locate it.  If you do not have it saved there then you will be required by Apple to show a proof of purchase and then it will send a new and unique serial number to you, so save your receipt.  This safeguard really prevents the crowd who would otherwise be looking for free Final Cut Pro serial number downloads.

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